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WaiterMate vs. Square: A Comparison

Whether you run a bar, a nightclub, a café, or a restaurant, getting the guest experience right, minimising wait times, cutting out mistakes and the ability to take payments quickly are all non-negotiables.

But when your team members are rushing from table to table, and guests are left waiting to pay because the card machine is elsewhere or already in use, the wheels can quickly start to fall off. Enter the mobile ePOS system.

Mobile technology has the potential to totally transform your hospitality business operations. It can reduce errors, make waiting times almost non-existent, allow secure payment processing from any location, and deliver an elevated guest experience.

The question isn’t: “Do I need a mobile ePOS system?” (You do). It’s: “Which mobile ePOS system is right for my business?

There are a few familiar names in this space. Square is probably the most well-known. But does their market dominance translate into the best solution, with the best prices? Is it right for your business?

WaiterMate is the world’s newest and fastestmobile ePOS system. This powerful pocket-sized device is packed with features and guarantees to make life easier for team members and managers alike.

We know that choosing a new ePOS can be a massive headache and comparing systems isn’t always easier. To help you decide on the right solution, let’s compare WaiterMate and Square side-by-side to weigh up all the pros and cons of each system.

Transaction Rates

One of the first things you’ll want to know is what the standard transaction rate comes to. This has a direct impact on your profit margins so it’s vital that you get the best deal. This is where WaiterMate takes an early lead.

Transaction rates for WaiterMate start at an incredibly low 0.3% (turnover dependent). Square quotes rates of around 1.4% - and that figure rarely dips below 0.9%. This means that on average, WaiterMate will cost you just £0.30 on a £100 bill compared with £1.40 if you use Square.

It may not seem much on a single bill, but when thousands of pounds worth of payments are made through your system, those savings – or lost revenue – quickly pile up.

The verdict: Transaction rates can have a substantial impact on your bottom line. WaiterMate is a clear winner in this area as it’s a far more cost-effective choice.

Origin and Expertise

WaiterMate is a UK company. It was founded by an English entrepreneur with an background in the British hospitality industry spanning more than three decades.

This deep knowledge of the UK landscape specifically means WaiterMate has a unique understanding of the challenges faced by businesses in the UK. Because all WaiterMate software and physical technology is designed and made in the UK, it’s perfectly placed to meet the specific needs of local establishments – and adapt as quickly as needs change on the ground.

Square is a globally recognised business, located in the USA. While it has extensive experience in hospitality, it is a US company and thus lacks the localised touch that WaiterMate can impact.

The verdict: Its firsthand knowledge and experience of hospitality in the UK gives WaiterMate the edge as a more attuned and responsive partner for businesses across the country.

Setup and Support

Any multinational business can claim several great selling points - it wouldn’t be a multinational giant if it didn’t offer a good service in the first place, after all! - But a personalised, localised approach to each client is rarely one of them. When a company is too large and spans more than one continent, it’s easy for small clients to slip through the cracks. Hours waiting before receiving help with a technical issue may not seem much - but for a busy restaurant or pub, it can mean losing out on thousands of pounds in sales.

Efficiency is key in the hospitality industry, and WaiterMate takes this to heart by ensuring a seamless setup process for its users. There’s no need to dedicate hours of time to dealing with a complicated set-up process and no need to sit and learn a series of complicated features and rules.

WaiterMate will set up the entire menu of up to 150 products for all new clients, so businesses can hit the ground running as soon as their hardware arrives.

Additionally, WaiterMate provides a dedicated account manager to each customer who’s invested in their success. The account manager is proactive, offering personalised assistance to guide individual businesses through the on boarding process and then thrive beyond that point. Should you encounter any teething problems, there will be no wasting time waiting to hear from customer support, nosorting through pre-recorded messages to find a solution: help will be at hand to solve your issue, with an actual human being looking after your business.

The support offered by WaiterMate is a standout feature. Unlike Square, which is known for its USA-based support, WaiterMate provides free UK-based support as standard in all packages. The average support call is answered in under one minute, ensuring that businesses receive prompt and effective assistance whenever needed.

The verdict: Choosing WaiterMate means aligning with a partner that prioritises customer support and values the relationship with each client, in contrast to being just another number to a multinational giant.

Multiple Acquirers

Flexibility is crucial for any business but it’s especially vital in the competitive hospitality sector. WaiterMate recognises this by allowing users to utilise multiple acquirers. This means businesses can choose the payment processing service that best suits their requirements. In contrast, Square limits users to a single choice, restricting their flexibility and potentially hindering their ability to optimise costs and services.

The verdict: A choice of multiple acquirers offers convenience and cost savings. WaiterMate wins.

A Winner Emerges

Choosing an EPOS system is a strategic decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. It can significantly impact the operational efficiency and financial health of a business. In the competitive landscape of mobile ePOS systems, WaiterMate stands tall, setting a new standard for mobile technology and reaffirming its position as the preferred choice for businesses seeking a competitive edge in the market.

Both WaiterMate and Square have their strengths - but when it comes to UK-based businesses, WaiterMate emerges as the clear winner:

  • Significantly lower transaction rates.
  • UK support staff.
  • Seamless set-up with pre-populated menus to save time.
  • Designed and made in the UK.
  • Choice of payment processing and range of integrations.
  • Feature-rich software for individual staff members and managers.
  • Powerful pocket device that can help each staff member double their average daily sales volume.

If you’d like to learn more about using WaiterMate,contact us now to schedule a demo.

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