5 Aug 2016

6 Reasons to Get Swoopos as Your POS System

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A lot of people initially thought that POS systems were only another way to complicate a normal business transaction, and the whole trend was viewed as an unnecessary expense. However, it turned out that POS systems got quite a lot of positive feedback from their users. Business owners love them, customers love them, and the whole shopping process looks way more sophisticated.

Swoopos is a cutting-edge mobile-based POS system, capable of speeding up financial transactions and helping the in-store management department. When someone says Swoopos, two things come to mind – accuracy and analysis.

First of all, it can scan orders, which is far more accurate than expecting a cashier to remember or analyze what the waiter jotted down. Second, it allows you to manage your inventory, thus your customers can order only what you have in stock, and you can also flag items that need to be ordered once again. So, enough vague explanations, here are the reasons why you should opt for Swoopos and make your life easier.

Simple and sophisticated

Swoopos gives you a better and a more accurate overview of any given order, and it gives customers a better overview of your products. Furthermore, cash registers are a thing of the past, so if you want to impress your users and look more professional, then Swoops is definitely the way to go. It has a user friendly interface so that both customers and staff will be able to figure it out intuitively.


Unlike the cash register, Swoopos can look up past transactions with ease and everything will be over in a matter of seconds. When you need to look at how much you sold last Monday, for instance, that piece of information will be available to you instantly. Furthermore, you can automate your orders so that you never run out of bestselling products, which is another plus.

Millennial workers

New generations love it when business owners use technology as a tool that boosts workflow efficiency. Swoopos is a perfect example of such a tool. So, newer generations are more likely to become a part of your team, since you are willing to keep up with modern and sophisticated software.

Everything goes faster

This is a much faster approach than a regular cash register, so there are a lot less lines or customer clusters, meaning, your day will be far less stressful and you will have positive customer feedback. Moreover, the receipt the customer receives is more specific and detail-oriented, meaning he or she will have an accurate description of the product that was ordered.

Fewer errors

Using Swoopos, you mitigate the chance of a wrong order and dissatisfied customers. Whenever someone wants to order something, there is a final check for the customer to confirm if that is what he or she really ordered. In other words, no need to worry if someone accidentally presses the wrong button. Also, you can see your real time inventory, which even the best cash register cannot do.

So, companies won’t have to rely on hand count any longer, since Swoopos can do that for them. This also makes the whole bookkeeping job a lot easier and more transparent, which is a real blessing.

Lower repair costs

If a regular cash register starts to malfunction, the repair cost can be quite pricy, whereas a POS system like Swoopos keeps its repair prices quite low. In other words, the system is here to be cost efficient, to help with management, and to help with business transactions; so, more income, more time and more happy customers.

To sum up, Swoopos brings a lot of benefits to the table. For starters, there is a better customer experience and, therefore, better customer retention. Your employees will be happier and far less stressed out. It is cost efficient and offers a better insight into bookkeeping and inventory management.

It looks good and professional, so people are more likely to opt for you as a provider. It is easy to use, thus you won’t have to have any expenses in terms of staff training. Lastly, you will love it, so make sure you give it a shot; you won’t regret it.www.swoopos.com


For more information about SWOOPOS please contact us on sales@swoopos.com

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