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How is WaiterMate the fastest handheld EPOS in the world?

When you’re working in the hospitality industry, everything relies on how fast you can get things done. Your chefs need to be working hard in the kitchen to complete orders, your servers need to transport the food from the pass to the customer as soon as it’s ready, and they also need to make sure that payment is seamless and speedy so your customers can get on with their day.

With everything working on a tight schedule, you can’t afford to spend your time with machines and equipment that slow you down – especially your ePOS.

We’ve been there; sitting at a restaurant after finishing a meal and waiting to pay, but your waiter is struggling to take your payment and causing you to run late. At WaiterMate, we’ve all worked in hospitality and have been through this exact same scenario more times than we’d like to count.

This is why we came up with WaiterMate, an extremely fast, super powerful, handheld, mobile ePOS that gives you one less thing to worry about during a gruelling shift.

Let’s explore in more detail how WaiterMate is the fastest handheld ePOS in the world.

The Need for Speed in Hospitality

Speed is not just a luxury in the hospitality business; it's a necessity that could make or break your business.

With WaiterMate, your team can process customers at a minimum of twice the speed of the traditional systems we’ve all gotten so used to using. That’s because it’s a completely handheld device that your servers can keep with them throughout their shift, and it’s packed with useful features that make life easier for everyone.

Picture this: every one of your waiters or waitresses has a pocket-sized device that’s entirely capable of:

  • Managing orders
  • Processing payments
  • Splitting bills, and
  • Handling customer tips— from anywhere in your restaurant or bar.

No more delays during your peak periods, no frustrating waits for customers who just want to get on with their days, and no more waiting in line to use the till or card machine for your waiters – just seamless customer service and lightning-fast transactions that reduce the stress on your team and will seriously impress your customers.

A Game-Changing Device for Managers

But what does this speed mean for you if you’re a manager? Simply put, it translates into real-world benefits that can transform your business into a money-making machine. Here’s how:

  1. Increased Revenue: WaiterMate isn’t just about speeding things up; it’s about enhancing the efficiency of your business at all touchpoints in a customer journey. During testing at a busy nightclub in Leicester, WaiterMate helped bar staff set a record for revenue. With the old system, each bartender generated a maximum of £1,500 worth of sales per evening. With WaiterMate, that number soared to £2,700.

As any manager knows; time is money, so if you’re able to cut down on the amount of time it takes to do things, you can very quickly watch your profits skyrocket.

  1. Improved Customer Experience: Nobody wants to be sat around in a restaurant or bar, waiting for staff to take your order, bring out your food, or let you pay. With WaiterMate, every waiter or waitress can serve their customers' food and drinks noticeably quicker.

WaiterMate reduces errors when placing orders, helps streamline table management, and gives customers the option to split bills and take various types of payment—all these things together create a big difference to the customer experience and can ensure you have lots of loyal customers who love the experience of eating or drinking at your venue.

  1. Streamlined Operations: WaiterMate isn’t just a transaction-processing tool; it’s a complete EPOS system that you can hold in the palm of your hand. From our experience in the hospitality industry, we created a tool that streamlines every aspect of your operations – from order management to payment processing.

You can say goodbye to juggling multiple platforms that are created by tech companies that have no clue what it takes to run a successful hospitality business.

Additional Features That Speed Up Your Service

Although we think our tool is the best out there for venues, we also packed it full of additional features that make us the go-to for restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. Here’s a glimpse of what WaiterMate brings to the table:

  1. Comprehensive Support: Unlike our competitors like Square, we offer professional UK-based customer support and account management teams. This means that every time you contact us with a question or query, you’ll get a personalised response from people who know WaiterMate inside and out.

We also offer all our customers free remote training to help you get the most out of your ePOS.

  1. Flexible Payment Processing: Our EPOS integrates with popular payment platforms like Google Pay, Apple Pay, Visa, and MasterCard. Plus, with transaction fees starting from just 0.2%, you’ll save a lot of money compared to the other ePOS alternatives on the market today.
  2. Seamless Integration: We know that delivery makes up a really big chunk of business now, so we’ve made sure to create a seamless integration with platforms like UberEats, Deliveroo, and Just Eat (plus self-service kiosk systems, if that’s what you want to use).

Speed Up Your Business with WaiterMate

We know that you’ve got a lot of different options when it comes to ePOS systems, but we’re here to be bold and say that WaiterMate is the best solution of them all.

Our powerful ePOS is packed full of features and support that sets a new standard for excellence in the hospitality industry. Whether you run a bar, a nightclub, a cafe, or a restaurant, WaiterMate is the fastest EPOS system that will help you get everything done quickly and impress your customers.

If you’d like to learn more about using WaiterMate, contact us now to schedule a demo.

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