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Restaurant 2.0

The greatest impact of Covid to the hospitality industry may be the shift in services offered by existing operators, rather than the emergence of a new business model. Stakeholders in the hospitality industry have been evolved to another business version to adapt to the new environment.

Increase in takeaway and home delivery services

After Covid hit, dining habits were already shifting to off-premises dining and people like to make online order. Delivery has become a driving force in the restaurant industry. In 2020, the foodservice delivery market in the UK was valued at approximately £11.4 billion. 3rd party delivery sales have continued to climb even when restrictions were relaxed or removed. Delivery men of Just Eat, Uber Eats, Deliveroo etc. can be seen everywhere in the street.

A safe dining experience

Today, a lot of restaurant owners still practise safety measures in venue such as physical distancing, contactless ordering, and contactless payment. Nowadays, customers preferred contactless order by scanning QR code on the table or self-serviced from the ordering kiosks. According to the Technomic Ignite consumer brand metrics, 43% of consumers want restaurants to provide mobile or kiosk / tabletop payment capabilities. We expect contactless payments to become increasingly common, and more specifically there would be an increase in mobile Point-of-Sale devices to receive payments at the table to avoid queues.

Investment in technology

Technology has become a key infrastructure in the venue that will enable the owners to do business on an ongoing basis. It is a must to be ready ahead of time. Apart from the necessity to invest in the more advanced Point-of-Sale system, there is also a need for the owners to get hold of the customer data to explore more business. A lot of venue owners do not aware the importance of consumer analytics. However, if you have a clear picture of the consumer buying behaviour, you will know how to market your products or what are the favourite items in your restaurant. Knowing your customers also help you to enhance customer loyalty for your venue.

Labour shortage

Labour shortage is a significant factor that increases the cost associated with running a restaurant. Due to the labour shortage, some restaurants even have to reduce office hours or delayed in delivery. To overcome, you have to take advantage of technology. You can choose the advanced payment system that help increase efficiency while working with fewer staff. Therefore, intelligent table ordering and table reservation system are definitely something that you must think of.

Swoopos has a build-in booking system for table reservation and table plan management. Customers will receive a SMS message upon confirmation. Apart from the usual EPOS features such as table ordering, create tabs and split bill, analytics and reporting, work offline etc. Swoopos has handheld device which allows you to take order at table side and send the orders directly to kitchen and bar, saving a lot of time in preparing the food. With the integration of 3rd party food delivery giants, orders received from Just Eat, App4, Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Deliveroo can be managed by Swoopos, no need to keep various printers and tablets. Swoopos contains all the features you need to run your business efficiently in the new era.

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