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Swoope launches online ordering platform to help retailers sell during the lockdown

eCommerce Is The New Bricks & Mortar

Over the past few years, demand for online shopping has grown exponentially – convenience and time saving has become the top priority for customers. Since people are spending more and more time online, businesses that have joined the eCommerce world have greatly increased their sales numbers.

A lot of small businesses are still opposing the idea of selling and advertising their products online due to various misconceptions, most common ones being the price point, the time it takes to learn how to use eCommerce platform or choosing the right eCommerce platform for the business.

Choosing the right eCommerce platform can be a daunting task since many platforms are lacking essential features, for example, detailed shipping and tracking information, customer and sales data, and easy stock and inventory control.

All you need is one platform for all your business' needs. That's why Swoopos has created the all-in-one, feature-rich and easy to use eCommerce platform and mobile ordering app - Swoope.

How does it work?

Swoope launches online ordering platform to help retailers sell during the lockdown. When you sign up for Swoope, we make sure you are not starting from zero - full store profile set up and a set of inventory items are provided as part of the start-up package.

Managing your eCommerce store with Swoopos is smooth and simple:

1. Customers place an order in your online store

2. You get notified, pack and ship the order

3. You update the order status and tracking information in the back office

4. Customers get notified about their order - you control the process!

You get full access to your eCommerce back-office - this is where the magic happens! Informative dashboards and live reporting provide an in-depth view of your customer data, sales figures, stock levels and much more. Manage inventory and orders, create discounts and coupons, send personalised marketing emails to your customers - all in one place.

The time to take action is NOW

Short term changes in consumer behaviour have put present systems to the test as demandfor online grocery shopping is currently outgrowing supply acrossmany retailers worldwide. For confident retail business owners, recognising and acting on the opportunity to make radical changes in their eCommerce strategy will serve businesses well beyond a short term rush.

The crisis will give a permanent upgrade to the companieswho are able to take the chance and adapt fastto the booming online grocery shopping at the forefront. Retail businessesneed toinvest and understand what drives digital shelf performance. Equipping your sales and marketing teams with theright insights and right tools to make impactful decisions, retail business owners will ensure their products cut through the noise of'pandemic stockpiling'.

Quick Fixes You Can Implement Today

- Evaluateyour brand’s product availability.As the demand for online grocery is growing, knowing what retailers have available will help youeffectively plan and allocate the stock.

- Invest in sponsored content. Increase your brand's visibility with paid advertising through media platforms choosing the right keywords and boost your brand's awareness.

- Take advantage of customer reviews. Smart brands know that responding to shoppers’ reviews as soon as possible can increase your brand's overall image and put your business before the competitor's.

- Start selling online -Online grocery enables brands to foster relationships with their consumers more than ever. By having the right customer and sales data you can act fast, adjust your strategy and reap the rewards in no time - and Swoopos is here to help you do it!

Swoopos gives you the freedom to run your business from anywhere - even from the comfort of your own home. Selling online has never been easier and more convenient!

To find out more, get in touch now - email us or give us a call 0121 270 7500

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