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Swoopos welcomes Blockchain

Swooposhasnow made the move to upgrade our payments and loyalty modules to incorporate Blockchain technology. The very first part that will get the blockchain treatment will be our new loyalty program and mobile ordering App. Giving us a fantastic new way to offer faster, secure payments and redeeming of loyalty points between merchants and users."

"This is very exciting as we can now open up the so many new possibilities, like peer to peer payments without the worry of large transaction fees. This will also mean faster and cheaper transactions within our ecosystem across the board. We sit down in 4 weeks with one of the world's largest payment providers to discuss how this can incorporated into our omni channel gateway and rolled out across the board. Working with our big provider means all the correct legislation and processes will be followed to make sure we are not just offering a new way of transacting, but also a secure one."

"Swoopos is not just a till system, its so much more. With these partnerships and additional technology being put into place, Swoopos can finally start to show that's its ready to put its stamp on the fintech world"

"But the biggest part of this news means we are now ready to announce our last part of the puzzle. Lets just say it involves a tangible use for cryptocurrency never before seen."

- Lee Nazari - CEO & FOUNDER

Tags: Marketing