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Why you should get out of the office at lunch

Are you one of the 52 percent of people that never leave the office at lunch? Well it could be doing your health some serious harm.

More of us than ever before are working through our lunches in order to meet deadlines and get our work completed. But the importance of taking breaks cannot be underestimated. As well as giving your eyes a break and letting you get some much needed fresh air in your lungs (and dare we say it, vitamin D!), staying cooped up in the office from 9-5 has some serious side effects.

So here’s three reasons to leave that desk as soon as the lunchtime bell rings:

Your concentration levels will improve

All of our interactions and decision-making gradually drains our brains of energy. And although nothing will replenish these back to morning levels, taking short breaks from our work — even if it’s just for a few minutes — can make a massive difference to your concentration levels. But by working through lunch you’re not giving your brain time to refuel, and you’ll undoubtedly find yourself in the midst of an afternoon slump come 2pm.

Your batteries will recharge

Of course this one will depend on the industry you work in, but generally speaking taking a break from demanding tasks gives you some time to yourself to enable you to recharge. Whether you choose a 10 minute stroll around the area alone, or a lunchtime cup of coffee with colleagues, this short burst of time away from your desk will make you feel revitalised and replenish your energy levels to get you through the rest of the day.

Your body will move more

We’re a notoriously sedentary nation, with desk jobs playing a huge part of that. Sitting at a desk for eight hours a day just isn’t good for our bodies, joints and muscles, so by getting up off your chair and making a conscious effort to move around, you’ll find your body will thank you for it. After a week of spending just twenty minutes outside on a brisk walk, you’ll feel fitter, healthier and less stiff when the clock chimes five. You may also find your trousers are fitting better too!

Of course there’s a plethora of other reasons to leave your desk behind at lunch, but these are three of the most important!

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