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SWOOPOS POS System Features

Easy to use powerful all-in-one till system tailored for Retail sector.


All-In-One Retail EPOS System

Easy to use and feature rich Swoopos Retail EPOS System offers a comprehensive set of features to help you perform day-to-day operations smoothly and efficiently. Effortless checkout process, intelligent Z-Read system, real-time revenue reporting, staff management, mobile orders and more – all available at your fingertips.


Easy Navigation

Simple and easy-to-use screen layout with integrated search makes navigating around and finding products easier and faster, even on a big list. Add products to the basket with at a touch of a button, apply discounts and complete the checkout process hassle-free.New products in store? Start selling right away by adding new products directly on to the till.


Hassle-Free Sales

Swoopos POS system supports cash, card, contactless, wristband and loyalty wallet-based payments. You won’t have to worry about missing out on sales anymore just because you can’t accept certain payment methods, because with Swoopos - You Can!



Sign up new or returning customers to your loyalty program during the checkout process on the till and reward them for being loyal to your business. Everybody loves a good deal! System will automatically calculate customer’s loyalty points each time customer makes a purchase. With Swoopos loyalty programs you have complete control of your loyalty deals.The best part? Our customer-facing till screen allows customers to register themselves!


Security & Access Control

With Swoopos access control & security settings you can choose the level of access you give to each staff member. Create individual staff accounts, each with their own unique 4- digit passcode. Track sales performance and control what each staff member can and can’t see. Additional manager passcodes can be added to approve certain actions including refunds and discounts for staff members who do not have permission to perform these actions


Data at Your Fingertips

With Swoopos intelligent analytics & reporting you can view real-time revenue reports on the till anytime. Simple and detailed graphic charts make it easy to keep track of all day-to-day sales data including top selling products, staff performance, most used payment methods, mobile ordering, collection and home delivery statistics


Works Offline

No internet? No problem! Even when the internet goes down, Swoopos keeps selling. Advanced technology means your till will still run in offline mode, and when the internet returns, sales can be backed up to the cloud.

Your Personal Assistant Manager

With Swoopos you have the freedom to manage everything in one place - no matter where you are logged in around the world, the dashboard will provide a real-time view of your business anytime. Track sales performance, stock and inventory control, staff productivity, connect with your customers and much more! 5 Different types of detailed and informative reports allow you to drill down the data and identify problem areas that need attention. The data from Swoopos is so comprehensive, that it has even been described as having an assistant manager for a fraction of the cost!


Real-Time Reporting & Analytics

Have instant access to real-time and historical data at a touch of a button - anytime, anywhere. From live sales figures and stock levels to staff performance and customers’ habits - Swoopos offers different types of comprehensive reports to help monitor your business on a daily basis.


Manage The Risks

Identify trends or problem areas that need attention. Detailed and informative reports are easy to understand and can help you spot badly performing products, low stock, and unproductive staff members. Keep track of customer satisfaction and staff quality rating.


Boost Your Sales

Connecting with your customers has never been easier! With Swoopos loyalty, SMS, email and social media marketing integration you can now reach more potential customers, establish your social proof and skyrocket your sales! Set up and customise loyalty rewards, create discounts and send offers to your customers. Reach more people online from the comfort of your back office.


Stock & Inventory Control

Add new products, include variations and modifiers, add images, edit details, add tax - all at the touch of a button. View live data of top selling Categories and products, get notifications when stock is running low. Track and record inventory in real time so you know what to reorder, and when. Now you can have all your suppliers’ contact details on hand by adding them to the Suppliers list and reorder in a breeze!


Tax Management

More than one venue? Why not connect them all to Swoopos and manage everything in one place! Log in to the back office and compare all your venues at once or select individual venue to view, update product lists, manage taxes, check staff productivity, edit details and view reports . No more multiple logins and forgotten passwords.


Staff management

More than one venue? Why not connect them all to Swoopos and manage everything in one place! Log in to the back office and compare all your venues at once or select individual venue to view, update product lists, manage taxes, check staff productivity, edit details and view reports . No more multiple logins and forgotten passwords.

The Power Of Ecommerce

While others offer just a website integration - we offer a complete setup of your online store on Swoope e-commerce website and mobile app to sell your products online. Fully integrated eCommerce website and mobile ordering app, directly connected to Swoopos till, gives you the opportunity to reach more customers, share exclusive deals, offer collection and delivery service and make more sales!

Don’t just sell it - SWOOPE it!

When a customer places an order online on Swoope eCommerce website or mobile app - the order is sent directly to your till. You can control the order process from start to finish, chat with customers about their order, send notifications about order status and get feedback on individual products, service or value. Open your venue to a wider audience. Don’t just sell it - Swoope it!

Click & Collect

Offer Click & Collect service to your customers and let them skip the queue! Simply set the time of Preparation and Collection in the Back Office. Now you can cater for fast paced and time sensitive customers without any hassle. All while gathering amazing insight into their buying habits & loyalty levels.

Home Delivery

Allow your customers to shop from the comfort of their own home with Swoope Home Delivery option. Provide customers your delivery Terms & Conditions, set delivery times, charges and minimum order value for paid and free delivery service. All that’s left to do now is pack and send the order!

Beacon Marketing

Send special offers and discounts to new and existing customers in the area via the mobile ordering app using the latest beacon marketing technology. Know who is looking at which products and when. Marketing messages can be customized and personalized to make real connections with customers. Based on gender, buying habits, age and more, you can maintain customer engagement, reward loyalty, and entice new customers through the door. This is proximity marketing at its best!

Loyalty Rewards

Share your own special offers and deals with your customers. Create an offer in the back office and choose when it will be available. Customers will be able to see your offers on both eCommerce website and mobile ordering app. Swoope’s unique beacon marketing platform will deliver it directly to the smartphones of your targeted customers.

Mobile Payments

The checkout process on Swoope eCommerce and mobile app is safe and secure. Customers can securely make payments and store their card details for future orders. Combining all the mobile payment options in one app, Swoope will provide you with a smartphone payment solution that works for everyone. Never miss out on a sale again!