The Swoopos POS Features

Easy-to-use, improved staff performance, greater operation efficiency, provides more actionable insights, and ultimately increases customer understanding, it’s no surprise hospitality and retail sectors love Swoopos.

Faster interactions

No more customers waiting around with Swoopos. Lightening fast interactions and simple to use, staff can be trained on the Swoopos system in minutes and be selling in no time.

Till/Table management

Swoopos provides a birds-eye view of your business from your till screen. See revenue, sales, staff productivity and much more with just a few touches. Effortlessly manage customers from the table, and send orders instantly to your kitchen or bar printers. Need more than one iPad tablet? Don’t worry, Swoopos works with multiple devices. Staff can be provided with multiple iPad Minis, all synced to serve customers and take payments anywhere in store.

Split the bill & tab creation

When it comes to the end of the night, bills can be split with ease. Using the tab feature, create multiple tabs on one table so customers can sit together but still have their own bill. Move ordered items onto each tab and use the payment of choice at checkout.

The table overview screen will show you all open tabs, amounts the customers have to pay, and table turnover speeds.

SMS table booking system

No need to pay extra fees to third party table booking companies, Swoopos has its own system built-in. Book in your own customers for free and simply add a mobile number to their booking and they will receive a personalized SMS confirmation containing all their reservation details.

Swoopos intelligence booking

Learn about your customers the Swoopos way. When a customer books again, the system will show you the data on their previous visits, including their average spend, total spend, and products purchased. Staff can provide the personal touch and have customers coming back for more, all with a little help from Swoopos.

Access control

Create individual staff accounts, each with their own unique 4-digit pin, and track their sales performance and control what they can and can’t see. Additional manager passcodes can be added to perform certain actions including refunds, deleting items, opening the cash drawer and discounting items.

Works offline

No internet? No problem! Even when the internet goes down, Swoopos keeps selling. Advanced technology means your till will still run in offline mode, and when the internet returns, sales can be backed up to the cloud.

Comprehensive reporting

Swoopos can provide a comprehensive snapshot of your business performance at any time. Use the main dashboard to monitor key metrics such as revenue, profit margin, wastage costs, overall sales numbers, customer insights, product performance, stock control, staff efficiency and much, much more. No matter where you are logged in around the world, the dashboard will provide a live bird’s eye view of your business. It’s the best Assistant Manager you’ve ever had.

Drill down your data

Filter down and identify trends or problem areas that need attention. Our easy to understand reports can help you spot badly performing products, low stock, and unproductive staff members.

Extensive product management

Seamlessly create new products, include variations and modifiers, add images, edit display names, and change colours, all with the swipe of your finger. Swoopos even lets you track and record inventory in real time so you know what to reorder, and when.

Franchises & multi sites

Manage all your sites centrally from one single portal and consolidate performance data from multiple locations with ease. Swoopos will provide a comprehensive overview of all your businesses, and compare store specific product sales, staff performance, customer databases and more.

Ingredient inventory

(launching 2018)

Coming soon, Swoopos 2.0 will include ingredient and recipe level controls to make ordering stock simple. By uploading the ingredients that go into every product into the system, including disposable items, you will have the highest level of stock control available. Swoopos will automatically update your inventory count with each sale, and send automatic stock alerts when levels start running low. Never run out of what you need again.

Give your customers what they want with the new order ahead technology taking the hospitality and retail sectors by storm.

Our fully integrated mobile ordering app SWOOPE allows customers to order ahead using their mobile devices and skip the queues – perfect for that lunchtime rush or busy Friday nights.

Enhance the instore experience

Mobile ordering opens up your business to a new breed of fast-moving, time sensitive customer. Using order ahead technology, you can serve more customers in the same amount of time, with no extra staff. Say goodbye to long queues and hello to a new enhanced instore experience.

Click & collect

Lunchtimes can get busy and customers don’t have time to waste. Now you can control the flow of service with click and collect. Customers can place their orders via their smartphones and will receive a direct message notifying them when their order is ready for collection. Then they can visit the designated collection point, collect their order, and be on their way in minutes.

Table ordering

Operating a table service? Using the mobile ordering app, customers can place their orders from their seat. The order will go straight through to the kitchen or bar area, and staff can serve it straight to the customer’s table. Alternatively, customers can receive a notification message and pick up the order from the designated collection point.

Beacon technology

Swoope uses the latest in beacon technology to send special offers and discounts to new and existing customers in the area via the mobile ordering app. Based on gender, buying habits, age and more, you can maintain customer engagement, reward loyalty, and entice new customers through the door. This is proximity marketing at its best.

Mobile payments

Already a £750 billion industry, mobile payments are set to grow 49% annually until 2021. Customers will increasingly expect to be able to pay via their smartphones, which is why the Swoopos will allow you to offer that.

Combining all the mobile payment option in one app, Swoope will provide you with a smartphone payment solution that works for everyone. Never miss out on a sale again!

Loyalty rewards programme

A little loyalty goes a long way with Swoope. The inbuilt national rewards programme enables customers to collect loyalty points that can be exchanged for high street vouchers for stores such as Amazon, iTunes, Argos, New Look, TK Maxx and more.

Want to offer your own special offers and deals? Simply create an offer in the backend of the system, choose when it will be available and push out through the app. Swoope’s unique beacon marketing platform will deliver it directly to the smartphones of your targeted customers.

Repeat customers & increased spending

Once customers start ordering through the mobile ordering app you will see a natural rise in the value and frequency of the orders. Most successful mobile ordering campaigns can increase spend by up to 14% - that’s a massive difference to anyone’s bottom line.