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The Need for Swoopos Technology in Stadiums

Whether it’s watching a nail-biting football match or a favourite performing artist live on stage, nothing beats the buzz of being in a stadium full of excited fans.

However, one thing that can quickly kill the vibe of a stadium experience is long queues for food and drink, clunky payment methods, and technology delays that prevent fans from being able to truly soak up the atmosphere.

With limited time spent at the venue, speed and efficiency are crucial in ensuring a positive and memorable experience for every visitor – which is where Swoopos technology, the company behind the industry-leading WaiterMate mobile ePOS system, comes into play.

Swoopos offers a comprehensive suite of solutions specifically designed to revolutionise the way stadiums operate. It means stadium operators can effortlessly enhance the fan experience to drive increased revenue opportunities.

Here's how Swoopos empowers stadiums to thrive in the modern era:

1.Make sure transactions are lightning fast

WaiterMate, the world's fastest handheld ePOS, empowers staff to process transactions at twice the speed of traditional systems. This helps them to process each customer extremely fast, translating to shorter queues, swifter service, and happier fans.

The EPOS also helps to facilitate effortless order management that helps staff with everything from managing orders and processing payments to splitting bills and handling tips. What makes it better is that everyone can handle payments through a pocket-sized device rather than everyone trying to crowd around the same till.

This streamlines operations and frees up staff time to focus on exceptional customer service that fuels the excitement of being in the stadium.

2.Go the extra mile for your VIP guests

Swoopos offers mobile ePOS solutions specifically designed for VIP and executive box areas where you want the service to be the best it possibly can.

The handheld device allows staff to take orders and process payments directly at the tables, making the executive box feel more like table service restaurant. This helps you to bring a touch of sophistication and efficiency to the experience, ensuring VIPs feel valued and well-catered.

3.Let the fans take control

During half time or a support act for a concert, the queues for food and drink can get especially long, putting a big strain on employees to process every customer in time for the main event.

If you find yourself having frequent staff challenges, incorporating self-service kiosks can alleviate the pressure on staff during peak hours, allowing fans to order and pay for their food and drinks independently.

This reduces wait times and improves overall efficiency, freeing up staff to handle more complex orders or address enquiries, leading to a smoother and more enjoyable experience for everyone.

4.Incorporate mobile QR codes

Swoopos' mobile QR code ordering system allows fans to order directly from their phones at their tables or seats, so they don’t have to miss a single second of all the action.

This method of ordering works especially well for VIP areas and table services, but it’s also good for all guests to have access to. Even if you don’t have the staff available to bring the items to each guest, QR codes can allow guests to order in advance and pick up at a later time, which also can streamline the ordering process.

Overall, QR codes increases convenience and reduces congestion at concession stands, allowing fans to spend less time queuing and more time enjoying the game or event.

5.Inform fans of the latest offers and communication

Swoopos integrates with large dual screens strategically placed around the stadium. This allows for targeted advertising and promotions to be displayed, such as showcasing upcoming events, special offers, or team merchandise.

Some guests may be too invested in the event to ever go and visit the food or merchandise stores, but these large screens give you the chance to get in front of them. Adding your signage to these displays can increase fan engagement while generating additional revenue streams – most importantly, they also keep fans informed and entertained throughout their visit.

6.Create a personalised experience for every guest

Especially if you’ve got a stadium of football fans, the same people are probably going to be showing up for every match of the season, so why not reward them for it?

Swoopos offers the ability to automatically apply discounts and rewards for season ticket holders at the point of sale. This makes the guest feel valued and can also encourage repeat business so you can build strong relationships with loyal fans.

7.Optimise your stock management process

Managing your stock levels with such a large number of potential customers can be extremely difficult if you’re not using a fast and efficient ePOS.

With Swoopos, you can gain real-time insights into stock levels across different areas of the stadium. So, if one store is running dangerously low on one item, it just takes a few clicks to see where there could be some spare stock within the stadium.

This allows for dynamic allocation of resources to ensure availability in high-demand areas and reduce food waste by strategically moving stock from quieter areas. This keeps fans happy as they always have access to the food and drinks, they want when they want them.

8.Leverage valuable business insights

Swoopos provides detailed revenue reporting, allowing you to understand which food and beverage items are most popular in different areas of the stadium.

This is extremely important information that you can use to optimise your menu and maximise profitability. For example, if football fans drink a lot but don’t tend to order much food, you can adjust your inventory accordingly at every match.

Optimise Your Next Stadium Event

In conclusion, Swoopos technology is not just a collection of tools; it's a comprehensive solution designed to transform the way stadiums operate. By integrating seamlessly with existing platforms and offering a wide range of features, Swoopos can help you deliver an exceptional fan experience, optimise operations, and maximise revenue.

To learn more about how Swoopos and WaiterMate can revolutionise your stadium, get in touch with our team today.

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